Technical information

Site: 13 km east of Eskilstuna
International airport, runway Ref. Code 2 C

Location indicator: ESSU
IATA-code: EKT
Eskilstuna tower: 126,85

Telephone: +46 16 940 20
Handling +46 16 940 20

SITA address:


Runways and landing aid

RWY 36
Available landing distance: 2,176 m
Asphalt/concrete: PCN 36
Take off distance available: 2,176 m
ILS, DME, PAPI, LIL, LIH. Approach lights LIL, LIH.
Sequential approach flashing light system 400 m before THR 36.

RWY 18
Available landing distance: 1,886 m
Asphalt/concrete: PCN 36
Take-off distance available: 2,176 m

Taxiways: 15/7 m.
Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 08.00-17.00 LMT H24 with prior notice.

Customs Services Eskilstuna C: Category "C" aerodome. Hours of service: Mon-Fri 06.00-17.00 UTC. O/R H24. Applications no later than the last working day before the date in question (min 24 hours).
We can help with applications.
Tullen Arlanda +46 8 456 66 20, Vakthavande befäl

Rescue service: On request.

Security: According to ICAO-standard.

Fuel: JET A1, UL91/96 and 100 LL. Cash SEK/EURO or invoice.

Ground power: GPU 115/200V and 28V DC.

Handling: Handling agent: The airport company. Full handling for B37. Handling on request via AFTN, FAX or telephone. Contact the airport office for car rentals and hotel reservations. Taxis may be ordered by radio 15 minutes before ETA.

Map: Download Aerodromechart

Workshops: Avionic workshop is located at the airport.

Catering: Catering available at the airport arranged by airportpersonel on request. Telephone: +46 16 940 20.

VIP Events: On request.