The airport's environmental work

Eskilstuna Airport has an enviromental permit of 27,400 movements per year.

We strive for an ecologically sustainable community development in collaboration with other modes of transport.

An important element in the context of Eskilstuna logistics park development is to offer an airport primarily for cargo flights, but which also includes (in the future) the opportunity for scheduled passenger flights, with train as the transportation method for the passengers to travel to the airport.

This places high demands on an extensive environmental work, which we take very seriously.
This environmental work includes, among other measures, to minimize emissions and noise with the use of landing fees which encourage the aircraft types with low noise and emissions.

We interact with local residents and seek cooperation with nonprofit organizations to improve the environment in the vicinity.

Water samples are regulary taken from the surrounding water systems

We use biofuels for heating instead of conventional fuel oil and we sort all waste for recycling.

We are also investigating the possibility of using solar energy for heating and have also taken the initiative to investigate the possibilities of using roof and field surfaces for solar electricity.

The airport has a goal of using 100 percent renewable energy for ground transportation.

The airport has, since 2011-05-17, certified environmental management standard ISO 140001.

Eskilstuna Airport is also considering the principles of the new international standard ISO 26 000 which focuses on social responsibility and sustainable development.

Environmental policy for Eskilstuna Airport

"Eskilstuna Airport must continuously and consciously work to improve the environment associated with airport operations and reduce pollution" by:

  • Integrating environmental objectives of the airport's business plan
  • Interacting with other modes of transport such asjärnvägstransporter rail transport
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all staff
  • Establishing the basis for their directors and managers to consistently take into account environmental concerns and to comply with laws, regulations and requirements that the airport is affected by
  • Applying recovery and recycling systems to create maximum utilization of our assets
  • Reducing energy consumption and promote renewable energy Föra en dialog med vår omgivning och samverka med alla intressenter som t.ex.Continous dialogue with our surrounding community and interaction with all stakeholders such as local residents
  • Documenting all deviations/complaints and improve operations accordingly
  • Regular monitoring and environmental audits to clarify whether the targets for environmental, legal and other requirements are met